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Hi, I'm Cheryl

PLANT YOUR ENERGY is a mindset that drives each of us to tap into who we really are as an individual and to what drives us in life, and then find ways to give that back to the world while also cultivating it within ourselves. Change starts with one person. Great visionaries throughout history show us that ideas all start in the imagination. The beautiful thing about planting your energy is that it applies to everyone, regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs.  We all want to connect with God, the Universe, other people and the earth in different ways. Planting your energy is about getting clear about what you want in your life and taking ACTION to make that happen.  It’s about being the best version of yourself by mindfully creating your life, moment by moment, thought by thought, and sharing all that you are with others. Plant Your Energy reminds you to WAKE UP and vibrate positive energy out into the world.  Be the best YOU and unleash upon the world all of the greatness within you!!

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Put in the work to become the best version of yourself.

”You have to start to finish.”

PLANT YOUR ENERGY donates 10% of our profits to charities helping rescue animals.

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