Hi, I’m Cheryl and this is my story…

I once heard a story from a woman who was running in a neighborhood that was not familiar to her. She came across a section of road with words written on it, and one of the phrases said, “You have to start to finish.” This really struck me and has become one of my favorite sayings. 

People’s minds and hearts are full of ambitions, plans, good intentions, and dreams that never come true. 

What could each of us really accomplish during our lifetime if we just START?! Taking even one small step toward your dreams can be all it takes to completely transform your life.

I have also been reading books on the Law of Attraction, as well as books about how to change your life, for many years. What I have found is that it all comes down to your THINKING. Our minds are more powerful than we can comprehend and every day most of us fail to realize the potential we possess, therefore missing endless opportunities to embrace the unique greatness within ourselves.

I have not allowed my circumstances to dictate the quality of my life. I have worked HARD to change the way I think and I refuse to let my surroundings control my inner state. That is often easier said than done but the work it takes to rise above negativity and distorted thinking patterns is well worth the effort. I have every intention of turning Plant Your Energy into a worldwide movement that helps people to remember they can accomplish anything they desire and also give back to the world in their own unique way. I received my Master of Arts degree in Humanities in 2016. I didn’t even have my GED yet when I was first incarcerated. It takes perseverance and self-discipline to stay focused on the big picture…and focused I am!! I have been judged for my actions from my youth, but they do not define me. We are all capable of being better than we used to be. I want to help people realize this and work on putting their best foot forward in all that they do. If you are in a dark place, you can work on turning it around by finding what gives your life meaning.

Plant Your Energy is being created with the intent to use the company to channel my need to give back to society. I envision this company making a huge difference by inspiring others and championing causes that are important in the world. I want to share my story with the world to bring about social change. Join me in the movement to Plant Your Energy and let’s change the world together, one small act at a time!

Warm Regards,