Where’s Your Faith?

“There is nothing in life so difficult that it cannot be overcome. This faith can move mountains. It can change people. It can change the world. You can survive all the great storms in your life.”

-Norman Vincent Peale

Faith and hope are game changers. They will help you through things you never imagined you could make it through. When you are in a moment you think you can’t overcome, you have nothing to lose by putting some effort into thinking faith based thoughts. I know from experience how hard this can be, but you just have to flip a switch in your mind and refuse to be defeated by the difficulty. We can so easily forget that it’s always our choice how we handle something. ALWAYS.

Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl is a famous example of this. He found meaning in life and the strength to weather a storm that’s worse than anything we’ve experienced. Stories like his demonstrate the power of the mind. Whatever thoughts you plant in your mind, positive or negative, will take root and make all the difference in how you come out of the storm. Yes, you can survive all the storms in your life…but don’t JUST survive. Come out stronger.

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