Make a Difference

“Every single person makes a difference, but there’s a choice that determines what kind of difference you will make. Most folks don’t see how important they are, how much they matter, so they never choose to do something special with their lives…and not making a choice, that’s a choice…a lost one.”

–From the book The Lost Choice


Every day I am painfully aware of the difference I made when I made the mistake that brought me to prison. Twenty-four years later, I am doing everything that I can to make a positive difference because I want to honor and show respect to every person that I have ever hurt with my past actions. There is no undoing each action that we take. EVERY MOMENT COUNTS in this life!! We should always be mindful of that.


It’s so true that not making a choice is still making a choice. I could have given up on creating anything positive for my life because when you are hurting and you aren’t at your best, it’s easy to just surrender. It takes strength to rise above the negativity and pain in your life. Don’t you want to live a life that means something? A life that you can be proud of when you are old and reflecting back on how you lived? Find your strength!!


Plant Your Energy is all about making a difference…for yourself and the world. Please join us and start sharing your stories and pictures (on our Instagram and Facebook) on how you plant your energy. I truly believe that we can build a huge network that can bring hope and inspiration to each other!




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