Be Mindful of Your Vibration

“Everything is energy, including your thoughts and emotions. Each message that you think and say with emotion carries a specific vibrational energy that you send out into the universe.”

-Bob Proctor

First, I want to wish you all peace and joy throughout the holiday season. As 2019 comes to a close and we get ready to welcome a new year – and decade – we should make it a point to get more in tune with our energy.

The words of Bob Proctor have been extremely influential to me over recent years so I want to share this quote with you to remind you of how powerful you are. We get so lost in our constant stream of thoughts that we often float mindlessly through our days, failing to recognize the type of energy we are putting into the universe.

I’m often guilty of this as soon as I start my day. I’m in the shower at 5:30 AM and already thinking some type of thought that carries a vibration of judgment, worry or discontent. Thankfully, through great teachers like Bob Proctor, I have become more self-aware and so I catch myself in the midst of these unproductive thoughts and I tell myself, “No, switch gears.” I then switch to positive thoughts of gratitude and I focus on how the things I’m grateful for make me FEEL.

I encourage you to try this and to make it a practice in your life. You will notice the shift in your mood and, beyond that, by lifting your vibration out of the lower energy fields, you are setting the stage to bring positive experiences into your life. You just have to start looking for the good instead of the bad and focus your thoughts on what you want. If you don’t FEEL good you are not thinking the right kind of thoughts. PRESS YOUR RESET BUTTON! Remember that every thought is a creation. Plant thoughts of positivity!

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